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Welcome to the Official site of the Northwest Catholic Softball League. The Northwest Catholic Softball League is a non-profit organization that provides adult softball in the West - Northwest Detroit area for men over the age of 29. Since it's inception in 1958, the league has grown to over 60 teams. Competition levels range from recreational to competitive.

Letters from the Secretary / Treasure


Please use my cell number only for anything related to softball business.

There is still some confusion regarding the NCSL courtesy runner rule. I will explain it again.

If a courtesy runner is used, only the player who physically made the last may be used as the courtesy runner. A courtesy runner may not be used to replace a current courtesy runner. Fip-flopping of runners is not permitted. See article VI, section 3 - Penalty and ruling.

The Mat - If there is a play at home plate the catcher or covering player holding the game ball shall touch any part of the mat to get an out. Any intentional dislodging of the mat by the offensive team will result in an out being called on the runner closest to home plate. Intentional dislodging of the mat be the defensive team will result in a safe call by the umpire. Mats are mandatory for all games. Penalty for non-compliance is forfeiture of the game. Use your mat at all games and take the mat home with you. Replacement mats will cost $10.00 each.



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